Horst Insurance’s team of specialists helps give you more control over situations to contain costs, save you time, improve productivity, and safeguard your workforce.

Our Unique Process

Evaluate ›

Evaluate Your Company and Your Workforce

The fundamental element to containing costs while maintaining appropriate coverage for your building, corporate entity, and your workforce makeup is our team’s ability to evaluate your company’s current risks, opportunities, and coverage needs.

Position ›

Position Your Risk

We identify and promote positive attributes that make you attractive in your insurance marketplace. Unsure if your company has any positive attributes? We help you promote a plan to improve your less-braggable qualities or wellness levels.

Coach ›

Coach Your Team

We coach your leadership team on factors that can mitigate your risk, enhance safety, and increase the performance of your risk management and employee benefit plan.

Repeat ›

Repeat for Increased Success

Horst Insurance is committed to continuously re-evaluating, re-positioning, and re-negotiating for your company each year. As your risk management strategies yield more successful results, we make sure your representation in the marketplace keeps pace with your positive outcomes.

We Are Your Trusted Advisors

Horst Insurance agents are experts in our field, and we work as a united team to be your trusted advisors and advocates. We ensure you have the right risk reduction plan, proper insurance coverage, and valuable benefits resources because we care about you, your employees, and your bottom line.

Did You Know?  Historical losses are the single leading driver of future insurance costs.

Our team arms you with the ability to reduce the frequency and severity of your claims. Some of the team members who empower our clients include:

We Are:

Big enough to enjoy good relationships with major carriers, employ specialists, and offer impactful educational resources.
Small enough to have intimate knowledge of each client’s operations, workforce, and unique needs.

Did You Know?  The #1 question we are asked is, “How will you make my job easier?”

We are experts in the complicated and changing world of insurance and group benefits so you don’t have to be. (But we’ll equip you so you can be confident in your coverage and compliance.)

Our clients benefit from consistent communications and valuable resources, including the following:

  • Access to Databases
  • Secure Online Platform
  • Mobile App
  • Market Trends and Benchmarking
  • Emerging Risks
  • Compliance Policies and Training Aids
  • Legislative Briefs
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