Protecting Your Business

Knowing you’re protected allows you to keep moving your company forward without worrying about ugly surprises damaging your projections. Our process, strategic planning, and experience mean you have the right compliance, risk management strategy, and proper coverage design to protect your business.

Did You Know?  Historical losses are the single leading driver of future insurance costs.

Historical losses – such as workplace driving accidents – are the single leading factor of insurance costs. Protect your employees and premiums by understanding what is in your control to change, and how to make a plan to improve. We will help you decipher your Experience Modification Factor by drawing a direct link between your overall risk management and your insurance needs, so you can take control over factors that drive the frequency and severity of losses. The more robust your risk management plan is, the more you are in control of your insurance buying process.

Reduce Costly Claims with our Risk Reduction Approach

Our approach allows for long-term reductions to your total cost of risk.

Evaluate ›

We will perform a site visit to evaluate your building and corporate entity to assess your company’s historical losses, current risks, and coverage needs.

Position ›

Our team presents your best attributes to underwriters in the marketplace, positioning your company as an attractive risk to insure.

Coach ›

We make sure you are equipped with the right resources, information, and tactics to move your company toward lower costs and fewer insurance-related surprises.

Repeat ›

By repeating this process each year, we ensure your program design and premiums keep pace with your business and risk management outcomes.

We Are Your Trusted Advisors

Our Risk Reduction Approach allows us to partner with our clients as trusted advisors and experts to help prevent risk from happening, prepare for situations impacting productivity, mitigate loss events to decrease their financial impact, and contain costs over time.

Commercial Insurance Coverage

  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Liability
  • Commercial Automotive
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Foreign Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • E-commerce and Cyber Liability
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Bonds/Surety
  • Risk Management Consulting

Did You Know?  A fire down the street from your business closes off employee transportation routes, interrupting operations. Are you covered?

Insurance coverage is detailed, specific, and a legally binding contract. Many business leaders do not know their particular circumstance is not covered until after tragedy strikes. You need someone who is committed to re-evaluating your insurance program design every year so you know any circumstance – even losses that occur off-property – have been evaluated within the context of your current business operations and size.

We Start with Listening to You

Finance chiefs have the broad perspective of company operations, personnel, financial resources, and assets. You are responsible for minimizing the risks your company faces in all aspects of business: fixed-asset investment, supply operations, cyber security, and payment processing fall under your umbrella.

You bring your experience, we’ll add our insurance expertise, and together we expose the risk factors as well as the opportunities to highlight good practices. By analyzing safety, loss prevention practices, supply chain management, and other areas of operation, we help eliminate insurance-related surprises that disrupt operations or ruin your company projections.

We Equip You

By fully understanding your operations and needs, we will equip you with the resources to improve your risk management, including some of the following:

  • Access to Databases
  • Secure Online Platforms
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Market and Exposure Trends


Guide ›

Understanding Total Cost of Risk

Use this guide to discover the risks facing your business, including those that might not be seen, considered, or addressed in your risk management program. Download Now

Tool ›

Crime and Fraud Exposure Scorecard

No one wants to think they need crime insurance, but unfortunately, it’s becoming necessary. Estimate your risk exposure with this tool. Download Now

General Info ›

What is Your Cyber or Internet Liability?

Websites are established with the best of intentions. But what does today’s technology and data practices mean for your liability? Download Now

Criminal Background Checks Whitepaper

Understanding Your Cyber and Internet Liability

Protecting your company from cyber attacks and security breaches has become a top priority for CFOs, especially those who also act as CIO.

Aside from intentional criminal acts, you are responsible for human error, such as a misplaced laptop, sensitive information sent via email, or even using a photo from Google Images without paying for it.

Protect yourself and your company by understanding your liability exposures and cyber security breach defenses. Download this PDF for examples of potential lawsuit exposures, breaches caused by human error, breach costs per record, and considerations for an incidence response plan. Download Now

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